Friday, November 14, 2008

Gratitude Friday

One of my favorite blogs, I check first thing every morning, is

today, I thought I would join in with Beki and post Gratitude Friday.

Things I am thankful for are:

** My Wonderful Husband
** Our Kids who have the biggest hearts you've ever seen, along with their Dad.
** Our huge very close extended family.
** Our AWESOME Daughter in law, and Son in law.
** Buttons(lol)....I can hear you laughing Janel!
** Being able to be a sahgma(stay at home grandma)
** my yummy art suplies and vintage bits.
** technology(keeping us in touch with our kids/grandkids/family&friends!!!)
** That our kids love each other even if they don't always agree!
** Laughter
** My Fairy Friends(you know who you are!!!!)
** Breathing(giggle)
** My friend Brenda for supporting and encouraging me from the minute I
started creating my etsy shop and blog!
** Being able to visit our kids often!
** Our doggies Luke and Sammy.
** Suzi Blu & friends I've met thru her.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We'll be attending an auction or two, and going to a couple garage sales, we don't have many this week, they are almost over.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is It!!!!!

fI've finally started my own blog, and etsy shop. Its all so exciting, and scary at the same time. I am a seeker of treasures and stories......of adventures and memories, of laughter and of all things vintage...old....primitive, a seeker of history.

I want to share our antiquing travels, our junking, garage sailing,auctions wherever it may take us, to share the love of old things, unusal and average, and curiosities....all of the treasures we find! It is so much fun!!

My husband and I love to make old things new again, by repurposing or recycling, or leaving them as they are, we love the wear and tear, the weathering they take, the stories they tell! We even like going to auctions or sales and seeing things we've never seen before, even if we aren't the ones to take them home.

We both leaned our love of old things from our families, our parents and grandparents....and many extended family members. Passing something onto the next generation is part of the whole picture...even if we sometimes alter these things, they will hopefully be passed down to the next generation also.

I also want to share my adventure in Art, I've always wanted to be an artist, I've always been creative. I inherited a passion for creating from my Mom, and my Daddy, and all of my wonderful Grandparents. They always had time to show me whatever they were doing, quilting, crocheting,knitting, sewing, gardening,drawing....writing(thank you Daddy for the writing and drawing!!!). My Mom taught herself to crochet, and taught my brother and I, and has taught our granddaughter, our granddaughter learned to crochet when she was four years old, she's better at it than I am!! She's 12 now. And I hope that I am as good as Grandparents as mine were to me, we're passing the love of all these things to our six grandchildren, and nieces and nephews and greats. I'm one of "those" artists that have been scared to show their art, afraid to say that they are an artist, but no more!!! I've joined the Suzi Blu Nng group, and the 3 Week Challenge. There are wonderful supportive women(and a couple men)there!!!! Like lots of people, I don't think I draw very well, but with the encouragment of the Suzi Blu Goddesses, and my friends and family, I know I can do it, practice, practice practice!!!!

I still have alot to learn about blogging, and running an etsy shop, but I'm looking forward to the challenges! I'm not even sure what I'll write about, I'll just take it one day at a time, and see where it takes me!

Thank you Rich,Zach,Heather,Carrie,Megan,Charles, our 6 grandkids(you know who you, and my VERY special friends, Brenda,Jenna,Val,Sue,Star,Fidget,Myrtis,Tina,Janel&Lorie for all of your love and encouragement, and thank you for making me believe I can follow my dreams.